Personal Statement

I paint what is around me. Yet, my biggest interest is in the elements of the painting. Temperature, value, color, light and subject. Those are my choices. Canvas, three tubes of oil, and a brush. Those are my tools. Once my palette is mixed, I work wet on wet; each brushstroke has its own voice, each dab of paint placed against another, its own meaning.

For the past 37 years I have lived and painted in Belfast, Maine. The first half of my life as an artist was filled with multiple-piece corporate commissions and full time sales of my artwork. After decades spent creating intricate and technically demanding airbrushed fabric paintings - large in both size and scope - my second half finds me delving deep into the intimacy of oils and smaller canvases.

In 2015 Jerri opened the Finch Gallery, a seasonal gallery located at 16 Main Street.

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